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The wealth of nature revealed through biotechnology 

We focus on discovering of novel bioactive compounds for drug development from natural sources.



Sustainable development for the
long-term health  

At VISSAN, we work to create safe and environmentally friendly human health and animal health products, cosmeceuticals, and consider the way forward with close attention to the longevity industry to combat aging-related diseases.



The natural substance we developed is conceptualized as an active pharmaceutical ingredient in human and veterinary medicine - in the form of a therapeutic agent or novel vaccine adjuvant, and also as a cosmeceutical, in the longevity industry.

Human pharmaceuticals

Veterinary pharmaceuticals 


of Beauty

Natural substances and their biologically active secondary metabolites possess limitless structural and chemical variety and are evolutionarily optimized as drug-like molecules. 

The development of new technologies in the postgenomic era is revolutionizing the modern drug discovery processes and leads to reestablish natural products's relevance as a crucial source of it.

The unprecedented resurgence of interest in natural products and natural product chemistry mediates sectoral economic activism and adds dynamism to the “warming” seen in the development of natural product drugs in a sustainable manner.

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