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 Research Laboratory

We are the small private laboratory of biopharmaceutical research located in Slovakia. 

Deciphering the bioactive profile of natural substances and secondary metabolites from natural products is at the core of our permanent research interests associated with the in-house health product development and modeling of novel therapeutic approaches.

We are researching the abilities both on specialized metabolites as a constituents in bioactive extracts and the potential for synergistic effects of components within the complex compound mixtures to develop such mixtures as therapeutics or health-related products.

Our mission is the development of a novel class of health products using our technology platform to solve urgent health challenges and improve the people's quality of life.

Our Philosophy

Health is regarded as a goal in itself for people but also as an integral component of the process towards achieving sustainable development.

Sustainable health is a new concept related to the question of environmental sustainability and efficient resource use with addressing key social and economic dimensions of health and based on the principles of preventive medicine and sustainable health systems, in harmony with the planet, in order to maintain and improve the health of the generations to come.

We are committed to the sustainable health concept as an ethical principle, overcoming stance to the health as a commodity. 
For us a normality is when medicines have no unwanted side effects.
And we're part of the processes to build a new global health continuum that takes into account the animal-human-environment interface, encompassing food safety, animal health and zoonotic threats prevention to preserve and maintain the long-term health and improve quality of life and well-being.

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